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Ahs Collective Agreement

The parties agreed to re-examine the issue in mid-May to determine whether the agreement still needs to be renewed. These agreements contained provisions to delay layoffs. The AHS`s latest offer included this provision and extended it until March 31, but the union wants to postpone all redundancies until a new agreement is reached. On 21 February, the ADA presented a comprehensive Memorandum of Understanding that took into account all the key concerns identified in the negotiation of a new collective agreement in 2020, after little progress was made in January and February in signing a new agreement. AHS rejected the proposed Memorandum of Understanding. The collective agreement was originally scheduled to expire at the end of March, but the two groups agreed to temporarily delay negotiations during the pandemic. In addition, the letter of stuttering, which also expires on March 31, will be #20, Re: Job Security, which also expires on March 31, so that it has an expiration date until May 31, 2020. This loU ensures that there will be no dismissal of Direct Nursing staff under the ADA agreement until the letter expires. “The ADF believes that any redundancies should be postponed until a new collective agreement is established,” he said. “AHS has said it will not agree to postpone redundancies until a new agreement is reached.” I haven`t exhausted my salary yet. It`s going to happen in Grade 9, where I`m going to make almost $110,000. This does not include all the benefits paid by employers and, until then, we will have another collective agreement that will increase that maximum salary (and therefore my maximum salary). The agreement to suspend negotiations was signed on 17 March.

The ADF proposed freezing the negotiations on 12 March. This seems to be a fairly normal union agreement. On the other hand, we could be like the United Kingdom and lay off a large part of our unionized employees for less skilled free market workers. It only has the effect that hospital staff work harder for less money and have negative effects on patients` health. But it`s cheaper! tl; dr I think most AHS employees are already super well paid, we should stop crying and realize that in difficult times, the 5-10% of the province should be ready to make a hit. I had my fair share of horrible nurses who didn`t care about their work, about the same as any other profession. Yes, public occupations generally provide a decent standard of living for the middle class when you start to find better-paying, changing jobs. The middle class should be well paid, it feeds our economy.

This does not mean that something is wrong with the trade union professions and that other people in the private sector should upset them, we should ask the private sector why they do not offer similar benefits. Only 20% of AHS nurses work full-time and would receive this overall package.

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