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Alternative Risk Transfer Agreement

If your business or business wants to transfer risk without using traditional commercial insurance, our standard solutions (alternative risk transfer) can be made for you. In fusion between the transfer and the loyalty of risks, the transfer of alternative risk offers protection to companies at low cost, for the benefit of policyholders and insurers. [4] Many programs that consolidate risks through instruments, such as. B risk management programmes for enterprises can be useful through the implementation of the alternative risk transfer programme. [5] In addition, it is not so easy to influence alternative risk transfer programmes through cost reductions, allowing for stability and a more predictable risk market. For example, an oil company may want protection from certain natural hazards, but perhaps only need such protection if oil prices are low, in which case they would buy a double trigger derivative or a return/insurance contract. In the late 1990s, there was great interest in such approaches and reinsers/insurers worked to develop a combined system of risk and business risk insurance. Reliance Insurance continued to develop this situation and offered benefit insurance until the company started its own operations. This sector of alternative risk transfer activities has declined following the general hardening of the industrial insurance and reinsurance markets following the terrorist attacks of 9 to 11. Artemis considers alternative risk transfer as the method used to transfer insurance risks to capital markets and we strongly believe in creating new risk markets through the convergence of insurance and financial markets. We are also considering new and alternative ways to trigger insurance, such as.B. Weather insurance indexed, as relevant to the alternative market of risk transfers.

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