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Covid Rent Reduction Agreement Template

A rent reduction ends on the date set in your contract. If you want an extension, you must obtain a clear written agreement that extends the original lease to a new date. TIP: Before mediation, you should set a realistic budget for all your expenses, debts and so on, and find out how much rent you can afford. If the tenant and landlord agree, a rental agreement can be renewed. This applies to agreements reached either privately or through dispute resolution services. An extended agreement can be used as evidence to support access to government assistance, such as a rent relief subsidy for tenants or for possible mortgage payment deferrals for landlords. Below is only one guide. Feel free to create your own contract, as there is no defined form for rent repayment contracts. The model for paying coVID-19 rent repayment contracts on this page can be useful. If you can afford to pay your rent, you should pay it. There is no rental leave and the courts are looking again at evictions. Financial difficulties are painful and can affect you in different ways.

It is important to know that there are support services that can help you with your finances, relationships and mental health in these difficult times. If you don`t have a model for the contracts, you can use our temporary lease (Word, 28KB). Tenants should be aware of how much rent they can pay. All “payment issues,” such as rent reduction applications or rent arrears issues, must be subject to the residential rent dispute resolution system. A rental agreement or rent reduction agreement must be submitted to Consumer Affairs Victoria before the tenant and lessor have access to the rent reduction grant. This is a one-time payment of $3,000 for tenants who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The grant is paid directly to the landlord on behalf of the tenant. Also think about your landlord`s situation. Either you accept the rent offered by the landlord or you make a reasonable offer. CAV will work with tenants and landlords to help them secure a rent reduction agreement. The goal is to provide a quick service so that both parties have certainty.

With information provided by tenants and landlords, CAV will attempt to reach an agreement that will share the financial burden. Once the lease is registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria, you and the other parties will be notified. This can be used as evidence of access to other state aid such as rent relief or property tax relief. Tenants or landlords can set up a dispute resolution procedure with the coronavirus lease (COVID-19) (COVID-19) or the litigation form. Include all the information on the steps taken so far to reach an agreement. If you`ve made a deal, register it with us. No no. If the landlord or real estate agent does not respond to your requests for a rent reduction, delays or blocks your application, proposes only a rent deferral or is difficult or is not helpful, register with Consumer Affairs Victoria as soon as possible. You should also require that the discount apply from the time you first contacted the lessor, especially if the lessor or broker caused delays. If the tenant and landlord have to negotiate a rental agreement, consumer protection can help with its new COVID-19 rental service.

Call 1300 304 054 or visit www.dmirs.wa.gov.au/covidrentdispute.

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