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Denver Ppa Collective Bargaining Agreement

The final terms are similar to those rejected by the Denver City Council in September by an 8-5 vote, as complaints that they were excluded from the negotiating table and concerns about promising increases amid uncertainty about the future of the city`s finances. When City Council rejected the contract, an external arbitrator was called in to make a decision and ended up giving the police more salary increases than they would have received under the contract rejected by council. Mayor Michael Hancock`s office issued the following statement on the agreement: In September, the Denver City Council voted 8-5 against the proposed collective agreement between the city and the union. The APP represents you as a voice on issues that are important to you at work. We are the exclusive negotiating partner and deliver results! On Tuesday, the DPPA announced that an arbitrator had made a decision reflecting a preliminary agreement approved by union members earlier this year. Welcome to the Denver Police Protective Association. As a leader, we strive to bring strong and effective representation to your workplace. We also undertake to go beyond the framework of the negotiating table in the Community. “Mayor Hancock thanks the PPA for its continued willingness to work together to address the financial challenges the city is currently facing. The agreement originally negotiated with the PPA, which confirmed the arbitration, saves the city nearly $5 million and also meets the mayor`s goal of giving our police officers a modest increase in 2022.

The Denver Police Protective Association (also known as PPA) is the largest police organization in the state with approximately 1,450 members. It is the collective bargaining partner of all Denver police officers. Members of the organization have a voice in the operation of the PPA, can come to the PPA office, vote on the ratification of collective agreements, help set bargaining objectives, and have access to the best legal advisors in the metropolitan area to resolve legal issues arising from your employment. The PPA is managed by the Board of Directors. The PPA Board of Directors is composed of seven law enforcement officers elected by the members. PPA`s board members work tirelessly to improve the workplaces, laws, rights, and resources of Denver police officers. The APP will always support you because we understand that policing is demanding and has an impact on personal and professional life. We listen and we help. The relief fund is there to help you deal with your financial crisis. Think of three things about your association: protect, represent and support. Members ratified the treaty with 93% yes and seven percent no. We have an excellent collective agreement and this contract contains all your rights and privileges.

Keep. Your contract is your security. The APP works tirelessly to provide you with the best possible salaries, benefits and working conditions, but most importantly, it allows you to have pride and dignity in yourself and at work. DENVER (KDVR) – After arbitration, the city and county of Denver will sign a new two-year contract with the Denver Police Protection Association (DPPA), the union that represents city officials. The contract starts on 1 January 2021 and runs until 31 December 2022. Denver police will indeed receive a raise in 2022 — despite opposition from some council members — as the city faces massive tax cuts and other city employees face a leave of absence, an arbitrator ruled Tuesday. The PPA has been a catalyst for change over the past century, particularly in areas related to police issues. The association has taken great steps to remain an active participant in all phases of city and state government for the benefit of membership. Currently, the APP has 1,450 members. The Denver Police Protective Association strives to ensure community among its members and promotes the highest standards of professionalism and dedication to duty. There is now also a new addition to section 18 / Trial Time / Jury Duty – 18.4 The PPA protects you by giving you access to the best legal representation and pleading. The PPA covers you both on duty and on leave.

We don`t care where, when, who or why – we support you! The PPA serves as a link between officials and the city on a variety of issues. Over the years, the APP formed committees and called on the Director of Security (now Executive Director of Security) and the Public Service Commission to improve the treatment of public servants. .

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