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When interpreting a contract, the court will endeavour to ensure that the contract is executed. In general, “or a mutual error to justify the reform of an agreement, it must be shown that at the time of the implementation of the agreement … both parties intended to say something other than what was said in the instrument. Mau v. Schwan, 460 N.W.2d 131 (ND 1990) If all contractual conditions are met as agreed, the parties will not have a problem. But what happens if something goes wrong? What happens if one of the parties does not occur, refuse or is unable to provide a service? What happens if one party is not satisfied with the results of the other party? What happens if the contract is broken or violated? Violation of warranty — The service did not comply with the contract, as COVID-19 continues to dictate the work culture and the company, contractors are struggling with the performance of their contractual obligations to customers. Faced with limited staffing levels, institutional closures and ongoing uncertainties, you may be wondering, “What if I couldn`t meet my contractual obligations?” It all depends on prioritization — in difficult times, we have to prioritize treaty compliance based on risks and relationships. Below we will discuss contractual obligations, the right to amend or terminate contracts and, if force majeure is applicable. Unless otherwise stated and agreed, amendments generally require mutual agreement to amend the treaty. If you agree to change the terms of a lender or person with whom you have contracted, make sure that you have written these changes and that both parties have expressly agreed. An e-mail “Yes, I agree/I agree” is acceptable (even if it`s not ideal) if you don`t formally execute a change to the agreement. If the parties are unable to resolve their differences and a party is suing, the court will likely raise three issues: 1) what the agreement was, 2) corresponded to the parties` benefits with the agreement, and 3) what the court should do to resolve the disputes.

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