Hemp and other ingredients

Hemp oil contains a lot of omega 6 and omega 3 fats, which are scientifically proven to:
Increase cerebral flow a healthy flow of blood that creates a healthy cellular environment.
Control epileptic seizures this is important to know for those of us who suffer from severe epileptic seizures.
Allergies this is a natural way to minimize allergen cross over and prevent and/or relieve severe allergic reactions.
Keep these oil’s fresh in the refrigerator.
So back to the point of all that honey! I’m not sure why but I just came across the term “organic honey” and thought,
“That must be an odd name, isn’t it?” Well, it isn’t, because there is nothing natural about it! It’s just honey!
Honey is an extracted from nectarines. The nectarines in question are two varieties, Willamette, located in the US, and Safflower, located in Europe.
Nectarines have a strong floral aroma and taste. I’ve never been a huge fan of the smell of nectarines, though there are some very nice nectarines out there that make me feel quite tingly.
But honey? Honey smells like candy! Some what aromatic, honey smells like flowers, trees, dirt, and that’s about it. The flavor is sweet, but the smell isn’t sweet. It doesn’t have an overt sweetness, and even the flavor isn’t subtle; rather it’s very subtle, like the fresh aroma of a garden. The color is a deep, honey brown, and the flavor is a honey, natural-tasting honey. I’m not a great fan of a lot of honey flavors, particularly the more sweet honey flavors. The effect on my throat is kind of nasty and toothpaste-y, although that is my own fault. It’s like if I drank a bottle of whipped cream, mixed it with a bottle of honey and my throat just went a little poo-poo, and I hated that. It’s kind of unpleasant, which makes me wonder what all those other folks like about nectarines. Some like it sweet, some like it natural, but nothing in between.
Honey is an extremely versatile food, and it can be presented at most any meal with doubles to spices or anything else you want. You could also make jelly, sauces, marinades, or canapes. The most common uses are for desserts and as a simple use as a home made food. It has a very low glycemic impact. The only thing I really know about honey is that it’s not sweet like syrups and fruit flavors are, so keep that in mind when mixing it up.