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Independent Contractor Chiropractor Agreement

This error can also be called “the independent contractor who is not”. Here`s how it goes. The hiring document wants to introduce the new CD while saving taxes by making them an independent contractor rather than an employee. The owner feels justified because his goal is for the employee to build his own practice independently of his own cabinet. Thus, the two practices together increase the revenues of the clinic as a whole. There are three hurdles that chiropractors typically face and must overcome when it comes to chiropractic work: The IRS requires contractors to fill out a W-9 form, apply for a tax identification number, and certification that you must keep for at least four years after hiring. This form is used to request the correct name and tax identification number (TIN) of the employee or their unit. It is also important, whether you hire a doctor as an employee or independent contractor, that he or she has malpractice insurance in amounts comparable to those you carry. If you choose the independent contractor route, develop a specific contractor agreement and ensure that the contractor is adequately insured to reduce your potential risks. The general review of what constitutes an independent contractor relationship includes which party has the right to determine what to do, how and when. Another important criterion concerns the method of payment of the entrepreneur.

If you own a small business, you are usually self-employed unless you started a business. You may be designated as a sole proprietor, a partner in a partnership, an independent contractor or a consultant. The above goals that every chiropractor brings to the table have great potential to put the inexperienced physician (who could be either the owner, as the hiring DC, or the assistant/freelance contractor) on the wrong track. 5 (2002). The bottom line is simple and fundamental, if you`re starting a California small business and treating yourself like a business executive, you can`t legally be an independent contractor. Some chiropractors confuse this problem by believing that chiropractic non-competition clauses are generally unenforceable. This is simply not true! With a few notable exceptions required by state law, a well-constructed non-compete obligation is enforceable IF written according to solid guidelines and for the correct title of the employee. Most of the time, the problem lies in the fact that chiropractors try to impose their non-compete clause on a non-employee (p.B.

an independent contractor) by “borrowing” their boyfriend`s non-compete agreement written for an employee! A more detailed analysis can be found in our previous article: “Is your chiropractic non-competition clause enforceable?” Sometimes this situation seems attractive to the employee because he can receive a percentage of his income, tax deductions from being in business for himself, and the promise of more freedom because they are “independent”. For most types of projects for which you hire an independent contractor (IOC), you are not required by law to record anything in writing. You can meet with the IC, agree on the terms of your agreement and have an oral contract or legally binding agreement. Just because you can doesn`t mean you should. You should consider renting a larger space if you are able to get financing, plan the purchase of an existing practice, commit a lot to an area, maybe it is the peace of your home, you have several doctors who want to be independent contractors in your space, you have flexibility with time and resources, You have help to cover the costs of your household, you are able to invest in a building. Starting your practice as an independent contractor by paying fair market value rent can be one of the most ideal situations. We have 3 independent contractors in our Kansas City office. They are all there, with little overhead but accessibility to X-rays, rehabilitation equipment, mentoring, etc. Once they`ve built their practices big enough to move into their own space, they can take all their patient records with them and start with that patient base instead of starting from scratch. Renting a room is also ideal if you`re new to the area and want to get an idea of where you might want to end up in practice. It`s also ideal if you`re afraid to commit to a long-term lease, if you`re not sure about financing, if you`re short on available space in your city, if you have some savings, but not much. Keep in mind that you need to cover all your own taxes, have general liability insurance, but you can also deduct expenses from your taxes.

Many of those who manage chiropractors treat a CI like an associate by having them sign a non-compete clause, set hours of work, set uniforms, establish care policies, not take records when they leave, etc. It is imperative to analyze the business relationship that exists or will exist between the employer and the person providing the services. Generally, according to the IRS, a person is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what is done and how it is done. The income of a person working as a self-employed entrepreneur is subject to self-employment tax (the total amount of Social Security/Medicare tax, as discussed in a previous section, ~15.3% up to an income threshold that increases from time to time). In determining whether the person is an employee or an independent contractor in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service, a preponderance of evidence defines the business relationship between the employer and the person providing the services. .

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