ESL Classes

ULC offers English as a second language at no cost. Student have the opportunity to achieve their goals at their own pace. We offer basic through advance courses and even a conversation. Our ESL program also offers one to one tutoring for those students with a tight schedule.

For schedule and information contact:
Cathleen Mital – ESL Program Director
(775) 885-1055

This program is possible by generosity of our volunteer tutors and is fully funded by SAPTA through Partnership Carson City.

Spanish Classes

United Latino Community believes that as a modern form of communications and transport systems bring the world closer together, language remains the means by which we interact and build understanding of other peoples, cultures and the principal way in which we may learn from each other. As the only Latino Community service agency in our city, we offer Spanish classes at no cost to those individuals who are interested in learning Spanish. ULC’s Spanish Program is designed to help students of all levels develop their Spanish language skills. As a Student of Spanish classes you have the unique opportunity to practice speaking and immerse yourself in the language on a daily basis.

For schedule and information contact:
Cathleen Mital – ESL Program Director
(775) 885-1055

National Institute for Adult Education - INEA

This program encourages, promotes and operates educational services for Mexican adults, fifteen and older who live in Carson City. INEA carries out action to organize and provide adult education through provision of literacy primary education, secondary education, work formation and other services that determine the legal provisions and applicable programs with the support of social participation and solidarity.

For schedule and information contact:
Marcela Tejeda
(775) 885-1055

This program is administered through the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Las Vegas, NV.

Translation & Interpretation



United Latino Community provides translation and interpretation services to individuals, corporate clients, and social agencies. These services are provided at a fair cost. For those that can prove financial hardship, our services are free. We base this on a Title V Sliding Fee Scale. Below is a list of the translation and interpretation services we provide:

Birth Certificates
Death Certificates
Marriage Certificates
Divorce Certificates
Newspaper Articles
Marketing Material


A qualified bilingual staff member will accompany the client to provide interpretation services for:

Courts Appointments
Doctor Appointments
Job Placement Appointments
Social Service Agency Appointments
Parent – Teacher Appointments
Training Sessions
Focus Groups

If you have any questions regarding our services, please give us a call at 775-885-1055.

Immigration Services

United Latino Community provides a myriad of low cost legal aid. We do not turn away clients seeking help because they cannot make a payment. Clients experiencing a financial hardship are assessed on a case by case basis and fair arrangements are made so that deserving clients receive assistance.

Below is a list of the legal services we provide:


Initial Referral from ICE or CIS
Initial Client Interview
EOIR Deportation / Removal Defense
Aggravated Felony Charge Representation
Deportation Appeal


Alien Relative Petition
Petition of Alien Fiancee
Cancellation of Removal
Alien Ward of Court




Certification of Naturalization
Work Authorization
Green Card Renewal
U Visa
Computer Literacy Class

Computer skills have become increasingly important as companies have started to depend upon computerized technology to get work done. Computer skills can mean that you can perform tasks that others in the work force aren’t able to, and you are familiar with and able to work with programs that businesses use. You will have a better chance of being successful in a workplace if you are able to navigate computers and use common or specialized computer programs. We offer training all levels of computer classes in English and Spanish at no cost.

Call our office for information or see our calendar page.


Citizenship & Civic Classes

United Latino Community provide a variety of citizenship services such as help with the N-400 Citizenship application or basic civics classes. Citizenship Preparation provides the civics knowledge and English language skills needed to pass the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) naturalization interview. Citizenship preparation classes are offered at ULC. These classes are available at all proficiency levels and at no cost to the student.

Citizenship preparation classes will help you:
prepare for the naturalization interview with USCIS
learn important interviewing strategies
increase your confidence with the interview process
practice reading, writing, speaking, listening, and pronunciation in English

Community Health Advocates

In partnership with Partnership Carson City & the Nevada State Health Division this program focuses on implementing a peer to peer health education program using Community Health Advocates (CHA).

Community Health Advocates are resource that help navigate the complex health care system by providing individual assistance and educational presentations to under-served Latino communities throughout the State of Nevada.

Our Community Health Workers are certified by the Nevada State Health Division and are trained to be integral members of the community with an emphasis in promoting a healthier life style to our Latino community.

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