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The United Kingdom Companies Act 1985 addresses this challenge by recognizing the concept of “one-person meeting.” The provision of the United Kingdom provides that, when the one-man undertaking adopts a decision to be taken by the company at the general meeting, the decision must take the form of a written resolution or that the individual member must provide the company with a written record of that decision. Non-compliance is punishable by a fine, but non-registration does not overturn the decision. Does the UK provision allow for the proper operation of single-man companies, as it can compel single-man companies to register business decisions in favour of existing and potential creditors, as well as for shareholders and potential directors who may later enter the company? How should shareholders act if there is an offer to purchase the company`s (assets) business? How should shareholders handle disputes? Are there mechanisms to facilitate dispute resolution, such as the requirement to refer disputes to mediation first? Entrepreneurs are often so busy starting a business that they neglect a decisive step in the process of safeguarding and protecting the future success of their business and their interests – a shareholder contract or a partnership contract. This is the key document that describes the relationship between shareholders (owners) and directors of the company, and that is what they will refer to when making important decisions about the company. Ideally, such agreements are better prepared in the “Honeymoon” period at the beginning of the business, such as a “Business Pre-nup”. At this stage, it is possible to conduct constructive and practical discussions and to reach a consensus more easily on how the business should be managed, while all parties involved are motivated and glued and disagreements or disputes over current activity are not yet pending. Notwithstanding the nomenclature, many shareholder agreements go beyond shareholder considerations and define directors` powers, rights and agreements with respect to the management of the company. This is especially common when the company`s shareholders and directors are the same. The critical need for such agreements to protect your interests becomes very clear if: A shareholder contract offers a roadmap for the life cycle of the company, from start to finish. It can reduce costs and uncertainties in the event of a “business resolution” or litigation. Each company is different and therefore any shareholder or partner relationship. Such agreements should evolve with the company and be reviewed at different stages of growth. Your original Cookie Cutter template document may quickly become obsolete and no longer reflect your current intentions and circumstances relevant to your business.

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