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Supervision Agreement Phd

The following are an integral part of any monitoring agreement and must be completed by you and your supervisor: in order for you to be a doctoral candidate and become a member of TUM-GS, the completed supervisory contract must be signed by you, your Graduate Center and your supervisor. Then you must submit the agreement with all other necessary materials to the institution responsible for the promotion. Qualification requirements may vary from centre to centre. The monitoring agreement is available on the website of your respective licensing centre. What else can a monitoring agreement contain? The monitoring agreement helps you and your supervisor plan and complete your promotion. This document makes the rights and obligations of each party transparent and defines the centre of gravity of the qualification and the milestones to be traced. The elements of the monitoring agreement can and should be adapted and modified in the decency of the thesis project. The summary and name of your selected mentor can usually be submitted up to six months after you are on the list of candidates. Most faculties offer models of agreements on their websites.

The postgraduate academy also offers a sample according to the guidelines of the DFG: GA Sample Supervision Agreement (Word) GA Sample Supervision Agreement (PDF) Most postgraduate schools and doctoral programs require a more detailed framework agreement (“support agreement”) between the monitoring team and the doctoral student. A coaching agreement is also recommended for individual PhD students. A monitoring agreement documents the rights and obligations of mutually agreed PhD students and guardians. It clarifies expectations on both sides and helps define the supervisory relationship in a transparent manner. Please check with your faculty or licensing institution to see if there is a specific condition for a monitoring agreement. Be sure to check the student supervisor agreement from time to time. It is important that the agreement is not forgotten and that you and your superior are on the right track. The agreement can be adjusted later, but try not to make any significant changes. What should a monitoring contract at least contain? In addition, follow-up agreements may include more detailed rights and obligations, ancillary training agreements, a specific plan and timetable for the completion of the doctoral project, as well as rules on working conditions (workplace, internet access, access to laboratories and other resources).

All of these agreements are rooted in the realization that effective monitoring and frequent interaction are essential to a candidate`s development and the overall quality of his thesis. At the FSU, written monitoring agreements are required to allow a faculty to host a Doctoral student. Follow-up agreements vary depending on the number and details of the aspects covered. They should at least include the provisional title of the thesis (or the theme of the thesis), a statement from the supervisor in which he or she is prepared to receive regular reports of the doctoral student`s progress, and a statement from the doctoral student who says he is ready to provide regular progress reports to the supervisor. It is also necessary to define the form and the appropriate frequency of these reports.

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