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Tamuk Financial Agreement

I acknowledge that by signing this agreement, Texas A&M-Kingsville University has the right to enroll me in the instalment payment option described in Payment Option 2 if I need to make the minimum required payment but not complete the online registration process via MoneyConnect. The College of Arts and Sciences and the biology program at Texas A&M University-Kingsville and Midland College enter into a 2+2 agreement with biology programs leading to the bachelor`s degree in biology. Details of the agreement are described in the following links. I understand that refunds are determined by the total amount calculated for the number of semi-annual credit hours recorded at the time of revocation. Payment percentages apply to the total amount of tuition and tuition fees to be paid for the semester, as required by state law, and not to the amount paid. I understand that it is my responsibility to formally inform the student secretariat and follow the appropriate procedures when leaving the university. Failure to pay fees, non-acceptance or obtain financial aid, failure to comply with the course, or denial of financial aid does NOT constitute an official withdrawal from Texas A&M-Kingsville University. I authorise the use of Title IV grant funds and/or grant funds to pay non-institutional royalties (e.g. B parking cards, parking penalties, late fees, etc.).

I understand that I may withdraw this in-kind aid authorization at any time, by sending written notice to the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Business Office. I can choose to pay my balance in full on or before the payment due date and/or use financial assistance. If you have any questions about completing these forms, please contact us at 361-593-5372 or send an email financial.aid@tamuk.edu I understand and agree that if I do not pay my student account or funds due and due by the due date (last course day of the semester indicated, see Academic Calendar), Texas A&M Kingsville University may return my opt-out account to a collection company. I understand and agree that on the last day of the course of the indicated duration, my defaulting account will be updated to a pre-collection status and remain up to 45 days at the collection office, while the Agency works with the me to repay the outstanding debt. At this point, there will be no negative impact on my credit or credit information. If I have not fully paid the remaining balance within the 45 days indicated, I understand that my account is being moved to collection status and that the Agency is beginning to make recovery attempts. I also understand that I am responsible for paying the collection fee, which may be based on a maximum percentage of 30% of my defaulting account, as well as all fees and expenses, including reasonable attorneys` fees necessary to recover my defaulting account. Finally, I understand that my faulty account may be reported to one or more of the national credit bureaus. I also understand that failure to comply with the terms of this agreement may allow Texas A&M Kingsville University to refuse (1) next enrollment for courses and/or drop current courses, (2) prevent grades, diplomas, or transcripts from being published, and 3) issue a State Hold (warning) to texas state comptroller`s Office until the outstanding balance and other collection fees are paid in full.

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