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Tsts Agreement

This agreement consists of two parties and serves to settle a trade in difficulty. The first part contains the terms of the transaction and is concluded by the parties. The government TSTS Solutions has been involved in a number of online administration initiatives taken by the Telangana government. The registration process for sellers is done by publishing an advertisement in the daily newspaper, broadcast throughout the AP newspaper. This exercise is carried out every year in January/February. TSTS provides advice for selecting service providers for software development and portal maintenance to provide services. M/s Vayam Technologies offers D-M services for e-procurement projects. M/s Cambridge Technologies Enterprises Ltd. has identified the development, development of a new e-supply and electronic auction system updated for government and software development. . TTo provides consulting services to government agencies, businesses/public enterprises, the purchase of modern office equipment, including computer equipment, and assists in site preparation and installation of all such equipment and equipment, as well as in the provision of consulting services for the modernization of computer and electronic systems for departments, businesses/companies and institutions that already handle them.

TSTS takes a flexible approach to consulting and takes into account the specific requirements of the various government departments/agencies. The total cost of operating and the fulfillment of users` expectations form the basis of the financial assessment. TSTS will recruit technicians on behalf of open market user services, in accordance with government standards, and provide IT human resources services to manage systems and advise user agencies on the recruitment of professionals, educate users and provide detailed training to user agencies at different levels. (Note – Condition 1 is mandatory in all cases and condition 2 is mandatory for suppliers who wish to be registered for deliveries outside Hyderabad) The seller should be an authorized manufacturer/representative of a manufacturer and must be identified in the manufacture/supply and maintenance of the items/services offered for a minimum period of one year in Hyderabad (Telanagana) (CERT-In) is identified audit agency (CERT-In) and has entered into a contract with Non Disclosure Agreement to host the application in the DEZA, The application must be checked against security vulnerabilities and must be certified by the IT SECURITY audit. As a first step, products/services purchased for the user division should meet the minimum technical requirements before the product is considered for price evaluation. In order to meet the above requirements, the evaluation of tenders will be conducted in two phases. The list of registered suppliers is used by each TSTS division for one of the following purposes: general organizational capacity in terms of the ability to provide goods/services, technical capacity to supply and maintain goods and services, and financial resources for the performance of the employment contract.

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