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Ucf Transfer Agreement

Researchers must submit financial and non-financial agreements to Headquarters using Huron Agreements software. Non-financial agreements include equipment transfer agreements (MTA), master agreements (MA), confidentiality agreements (CDA) and data use agreements (DUA). Allows eligible high school or home education students to enrol and complete university courses that are taken into account in their secondary education requirements (according to 1007.271, F.S.). Students who register in duplicate at the UCF can take up to seven hours of credit. Early admission is a form of dual enrollment where eligible high school students enrol full-time in a post-secondary institution in courses that can be awarded to the bachelor`s and bachelor`s or bachelor`s degrees. High school students who have completed their junior and are eligible for alternating enrolment can enrol in the UCF full-time (at least 12 credits and 15 credits maximum). A high school student interested in dual registration/pre-admission should first contact their school counsellor to discuss the possibility of dual registration. The secondary school board should contact TLAA@ucf.edu to find out if there is a DE articulation agreement. If the articulation agreement is in place, the student (hyperlink to the UCF admissions site) must apply as a dual-enrollment student at uCF.

A articulation agreement is a contractual agreement between two institutions that describes how acceptable courses for transmission apply to the satisfaction of certain educational or program requirements in both institutions. The UCF recognizes the national articulation agreements codified in Section 1007.24 of the Florida Statutes and Chapter 6A-10.024, Florida Administrative Code. The purpose of articulation agreements is to encourage seamless academic transfer and reduce overtime. This page describes the initiation process for AA-to-BA/BS articulation agreements, dual registration agreements and a list of current agreements. For more information on articulation agreements, please contact the Department of Teaching and Learning under TLAA@ucf.edu. This is a reminder of the changes that the Office of Research Foundation and the Office of Technology Transfer will use to process financial and non-financial agreements when it is online on October 21, 2019. The UCF promotes program-specific AA-vers-BA/BS articulation agreements where there is interest between a department that offers the program at the UCF and a state university. A articulation agreement can be initiated by a program coordinator, department head, dean partner or dean, by contacting a peer at the State University.

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