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W.b.e.a. Master Agreement 2018

Parents can enrol a child in the school district at the preschool if the child is at least 5 years old on September 1 of the school year. Read the latest papers published for the WBSD Board of Education WBSD Enrollment Information and Enrollment Enrollment Form Steps to get a copy of your official transcript to implement stricter health screening protocols, we now expect a parent to get the health screen online for their child every day to be present. Learn more about our new BlackBoard Ally accessibility feature, which allows users to download documents in many accessible formats. WBSD students can not only obtain their bachelor`s degree, but also obtain an associate degree one year after the bachelor`s degree. School breakfast is a clear choice – some good reasons to eat breakfast at school. The start/end of the next school year for each school and each free COVID 19 test schedule will take place Monday-Saturday at Civic Center Park, 23101 Hall Road, Woodhaven.

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