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Wedding Transportation Agreement

Corporate Transportation`s wedding packages in St. Louis are the best value in the region and one of our most popular services. We recommend that you book transportation for weddings in St. Louis in time for your big day to ensure availability. Don`t abrase the transport for your guests until you`ve really taken it into account – especially if you have a wedding at your destination. Asking your guests to pay for transportation to get to your ceremony and reception (and returning later to the hotel) is a lot to ask if you look at the travel and accommodation costs they have already covered on their own. If your wedding takes place in a place where taxis, car services or other public transport are simply unavailable (or unreliable), transportation can cause additional headaches – especially for guests who do not know the area – and can lead to a late trip. And don`t forget to think about parking. If designated parking spaces are not available at your location or are limited (or expensive), this will be a burden on your guests. In each of these cases, it`s worth booking a shuttle service for your wedding guests to give them a transportation option that ensures everyone arrives on time without a problem – and helps everyone get home safely. You have a party bus/limousine/driver for the wedding party and a classic Rolls Royce car for a getaway worthy of a photo operation, but have you thought about how your guests come to and from the events of the day? Some wedding venues are simple, especially if your ceremony and reception are in a place where there are enough parking spaces, or if you are getting married to a destination that offers many possibilities for taxis or car services.

But if your place is secluded, you don`t have room for everyone to park, or you`re planning a wedding where guests are probably not going to drive, it`s up to you both to make sure your guests can access it – or at least give them the option of a wedding shuttle service. Concerned about the costs and logistics of providing transportation to your wedding guests? Our experts help you develop a master plan. If you have a block of rooms in one or more hotels in the area, make them pick-up and pickup points for your honeymoon – which could be the size of a bus, minibus, 16-person truck or larger SUV that could make multiple trips, depending on what you think it needs. Do you distribute welcome bags? Be sure to add a printed copy of the schedule. And don`t forget to tell guests when shuttles are available from reception. If you have clients who are older or who have hired babysitters for the evening, they will appreciate knowing when they can go home if needed. If you choose to stay in other hotels, tell them if they can drive themselves or if they need to park in the shuttle pickup options to accompany the rest of your guests for the trip. The person signing this contract acknowledges that he has read our terms and conditions above and that he is the authorized purchaser for this rental agreement, the authorized holder of the credit card and/or the party responsible for the payment of the total amount owed. No personal cheques were accepted.

I understand and I agree to pay all the damage that my party can cause to C-S.

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